marksman (n)
; a person skillful in shooting.

tell em hawkeye was the good guy, willya? I don't need anymore bad press.

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          ❝——Do you have any idea what it is, for starters?❞

         ”I thought you would know. I’ve got nothin’.



          “Well, if I didn’t find that humor, I’d
           probably end up going a helluva lot
           more mental than I am already. I
           don’t think the world is ready for

                I don’t know ya’ well enough to make
                 an assumption on that, but for the
                 sake of conversation, I agree.


"And if someone gets in a fight over that? What then? I’m not gonna break it up so that means it’d be your problem"

We were so peaceful when we went out for shawarma after the New York incident though. Imagine that times like four… because again, it’s pizza.

Anonymous asked ;  
I've got a question, why is Claire a brunette in your MCU verse? No reason behind asking really. Just curious.


I’m actually really surprised I haven’t been asked this yet but yes, your
curiosity is justified. Claire has brown hair in the MCU verse b/c as a
personal headcanon, she dyed her hair when she first joined SHIELD
and whatnot. it was kind of like a fresh start, y’know? she wanted change,
and that was her own little tribute in receiving that change.

armouredmechanic said: ((are you sure she’s not will graham))

// the similarities between the two are uncanny.

   i’m claiming this as a headcanon— nope, it’s canon goodbye

     ”… Can I pet your dog?

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     ❝         Where are you?❞

     Uh, on my sofa… watching cartoons. Why?