marksman (n)
; a person skillful in shooting.

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         ”But they’re so… cartoonish.”

        “Seems a lot more reasonable than cargo pants and a crop top.


"I don’t have pancakes nearly as much as you arch. Besides, no one is stopping you from giving me that look.”


I don’t give you that look because I’m a nice person. You should try it sometime.

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"The fuck does that
have to do with anythin’?”

   ”Means I didn’t see a
     name so I took it."

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        “I thought Steve might have something to do with this.
            — I’m fine. You can tell Steve I don’t need a babysitter.” 

           ”He cares about you, which isn’t a bad thing. How about
             you tell him? I’m not a messenger pigeon.

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   I’m pretty sure ’I’ve seen two bottles of the stuff in his fridge. I should take a picture next time.
       At least we know how to balance things in life.

     ”You really should. That’d be a pretty piece of blackmail to
        have in your possession. My balancing includes the fact
        that if you ever get tired of pizza that means you’ve
        probably had too much pizza.


           ”We don’t diss purple spandex.



 ”Wait — ” He reaches over to catch the spider from it’s thread. “C’mon here, boy.”

    “Good thing I’m apparently  in the presence of an arachnid whisperer. I appreciate it.

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