marksman (n)
; a person skillful in shooting.

Tell em Hawkeye was the good guy, willya? I don't need anymore bad press.

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        “Can’t diss somethin’ that’s awesome.”

     ”Pretty sure that is something I can certainly do.

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            Are you saying you’ve been shot in the eye with an arrow?”
              Amy asked, a brow raising in unimpressed disbelief. How
              can you have been shot in the eye with an arrow, and yet
              still be alive?


                      No, I’m saying I’ve shot others in the eye with an arrow and
                        it didn’t look like the most pleasant time in their lives. Its
                        possible, just depends on where it hits ya’.


          “All I’m saying is that Avengers Pizza Night should totally be a thing we should take into consideration.



"No. Not really?"

    … Drinking like an amateur?



"There’s no limit when you come across a person that has these magnetizing eyes— true fact. Anyway, I’m Brandon.

   Well aren’t you a charmer. Name’s Claire, nice to meet you, Brandon.



"I’m a rather funny person."

[he chuckled giving her a warm smile.]

"I teach math at a local school."

      “That I can tell——

 Mmm, math. Never has been my
 strong suit, but I can respect that.



           ”Good thing I was bein’ sarcastic
           then, huh? ‘Cause I must be the
           healthiest son of a bitch out if levels
           of seriousness determines your health.”

            There’s the spirit. I applaud you for
               havin’ humor in life, it’s not always
               that funny.



"All I’m saying is that I’ve seen Chris Evans in movies. I’ve seen Scarlett Johansson in movies." 'Boy have I. *Wolf Whistles*' "I’ve never seen Robert Downy Jr. That’s because he is Tony Stark! It’s weird though, because without RDJ all his roles are going to other actors. Some dude named Ben&Jerry’s Cucumberslush played Sherlock…”

I literally could not even repeat half of what you just said if I wanted to. Tony Stark is Tony Stark, sure the actor looks pretty similar but yeah, ‘m not really seein’ it.